Thursday, April 2, 2015

Take It Away

You recall the "live" addition stories the kids created a few weeks back.  We created subtraction stories this week as a culminating activity to our chapter on subtraction.  The kids had so much fun choosing just the right objects and writing out the sentence for others to solve.  Once we were all set we grabbed clipboards, solving papers and pencils and away we went!

Did We Catch Him??

A little leprechaun was hanging around our classroom during St. Patrick's Day week.  He sent a note saying he'd give us his pot of gold if we could catch him.  We really tried!  See if we were successful!

Do they look fierce or what?

First stop was in Mr. Martin's office.  He wasn't there (either was Mr. Martin) but did leave a note!  

We stopped by the media center and we just missed him!  We found another note though.

Next stop was the cafeteria.  Again, we just missed him.  He said he wrecked havoc in our room so we just had to go see what happened!

Oh my!

We think he jumped out the window because it was open!

And there was gold dust left behind!

Writers at Work!

My class LOVES to write!  I am absolutely amazed at their work.  We continue to work of proper sentence structure: capitalization, spacing and punctuation.  We are also working on strengthening our writing by adding more details.  Recently, the kids worked in groups to pick a topic and then create a story.  Each child was responsible for adding one or more sentences to add details.  They turned out great and the kids really enjoyed sharing them.


Cup Creations!

Gosh, it has been far too long since my last post!  I apologize!  The good news....I have a lot of pictures to share!  So, there will be a few posts today.

The winter months are finally over, thankfully.  HELLO SPRING!!  The kids spent far too many days inside for recess.  They did enjoy the 100 red Solo cups left over from the 100th day of school.