Monday, September 28, 2015

Apple Fun!

We had fun learning about apples last week as we prepared for our upcoming trip to the farm.  The class loved the story about the little red house with no doors and windows and a star on the inside! Can you guess what that may be?  We also did some tasting to determine which variety of apple we like best.

There's the star!!!

Here's the little red house with no doors and windows and a star on the inside!

Our three apples to taste!

This is the start of our grapha

How did it change?

Here is the finished graph.  Which apple had the most votes?  The least?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The First Two "Dailies"

We have been very busy learning the Daily 5 structure.  So far, the children have learned the “3 Ways to Read a Book” which are:
  1. Read the Pictures
  2. Read the Words
  3. Retell the Story
We also learned the first “daily” which is “Read to Self.”  After a great lesson on STAMINA (What a big word but I bet your child can tell you what it means!!) using the book Dex—The Heart of a Hero, we started “Read to Self.”  The kindergartners use their individual book boxes during this time.  The class is already up to 11 minutes of stamina!  That’s awesome!  Our next “daily” introduction is taking place right now—“Listen to Reading.” The kids use individual listening centers or the Leap Frog Tag Readers during this time.  Enjoy the pictures to show you what it looks like here in kindergarten!

Also, Zero dropped off another treat for us to celebrate our 20th day of kindergarten.  This one the kids REALLY liked!  Zero couldn't trick them...they figured out how to turn that piece of licorice into a zero really quickly! 

My desk is a favorite spot during "Read to Self!"

This is our I chart.  The "I" stand for independent!

This is Mrs. Blaustein showing the kids how to use Raz Kids which is another tool we use for "Read to Self."
"Listen to Reading"
"Listen to Reading" with the Tag Readers

There's our zeroes!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

We are off to a GREAT start!!

Our first few days of school have been lots of fun!  It's been VERY hot and I am sure your little one is pretty exhausted upon returning to you at the end of the day.  We have been busy getting to know one another and learning all of our important procedures.  I am enjoying this adorable class immensely!  

"Find a Friend Who...."  This was a fun activity we did our first week to get to know one another.  The kids had fun introducing themselves and it was also a great way for them to practice writing their names!

This is Mrs. Garrison and Mrs. Petznick two of my dear friends and retired Hilton teachers.  They came in to discuss the Buddy Bench which is now part of our playground.  What a wonderful addition!  When a child wants a friend to play with, he/she sits on the bench.  All of the other children are "Buddy Bench Watchers" and take notice if someone is on the bench.  They are then to go over and ask if the child wants to play.  I LOVE this!!

It's time to make our Friendship Salad!!  

No one wants to be a rotten banana in our classroom!

First "Zero the Hero" Day!  Number 10!  He brought us a special zero shaped treat...yum!

Book Shopping!
The kids shopped for some good books to fill up their book bins.  This is the first part of the launching of the Daily 5...
Read to Self

And this is an extra.  There's my little sweet pea at Preston's H.O.P.E. playground.  Have you been there?
 If not, I highly encourage you to visit it (well worth the drive).  It's the largest playground in NE Ohio and
is accessible to all children. Thestory of it's creation is extremely touching (