Thursday, September 24, 2015

The First Two "Dailies"

We have been very busy learning the Daily 5 structure.  So far, the children have learned the “3 Ways to Read a Book” which are:
  1. Read the Pictures
  2. Read the Words
  3. Retell the Story
We also learned the first “daily” which is “Read to Self.”  After a great lesson on STAMINA (What a big word but I bet your child can tell you what it means!!) using the book Dex—The Heart of a Hero, we started “Read to Self.”  The kindergartners use their individual book boxes during this time.  The class is already up to 11 minutes of stamina!  That’s awesome!  Our next “daily” introduction is taking place right now—“Listen to Reading.” The kids use individual listening centers or the Leap Frog Tag Readers during this time.  Enjoy the pictures to show you what it looks like here in kindergarten!

Also, Zero dropped off another treat for us to celebrate our 20th day of kindergarten.  This one the kids REALLY liked!  Zero couldn't trick them...they figured out how to turn that piece of licorice into a zero really quickly! 

My desk is a favorite spot during "Read to Self!"

This is our I chart.  The "I" stand for independent!

This is Mrs. Blaustein showing the kids how to use Raz Kids which is another tool we use for "Read to Self."
"Listen to Reading"
"Listen to Reading" with the Tag Readers

There's our zeroes!

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