Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Hello Families!!
My computer crashed on Friday afternoon right before I was ready to head home for the Holidays! Lucky for me, it was fixed over the break but unfortunately I wasn't able to post all of the pictures. My home computer is not nearly as fast but they are all here now.  So, you will enjoy pictures from Polar Express Day, The Great Gingerbread Man Hunt, Cookies and Milk and our Holiday Party.

As you know our scout elf, Twinkle was a wonderful member of our classroom throughout the month of December.  He played lots of tricks on us.  You may have heard he had a little accident on Thursday before break.  He accidentally fell from our bookshelf.  The kids wanted me to pick him up but I told them that I couldn't as I would end his magic.  So, we placed caution cones around him. The next day, Twinkle returned with a cast (signed by Santa of course) and candy cane crutches!  The kids got a big kick out of this and I thought you would, too!

Man down!

The kids made get well soon cards for Twinkle during indoor recess!!

I hope you had a beautiful, magical Christmas with your families!  I cannot wait to hear about it on Tuesday when we return to school!!

All the best to you in the new year!

A Very, Merry Party!!

We enjoyed our classroom holiday party on Thursday, December 15th on a very snowy day!  It was the perfect backdrop for our fun.  Thanks so much to all of the parents who helped plan and execute such a wonderful, fun-filled party for the kids.

Santa stopped by to kick off our party!! 

Cookies and Milk!!

It was great welcoming the families to the first annual "Cookies and Milk" event on Wednesday, December 14th.  The kids worked very hard to lovingly make some special gifts that they enjoyed giving.  I couldn't stop smiling as I looked around and saw all of the happiness.  

The elves are ready and waiting to welcome our guests!

Can you tell how excited these little loves are??

Mrs. Burkholder led the kids in some Christmas carols!

Run, run as fast as you can.....

....did we catch the Gingerbread Man???

On December 12th, a package arrived from the office marked 
"To the Kindergartners, From the Gingerbread Man! Catch me if you can!"
This started a hunt around the school in search of him (A very excited, noisy hunt I must say!).  He left some clues and we followed the sweet cinnamon-smelling trail.The kids were overjoyed and extremely'll see that in the pictures below!

Mrs. Miller brings us a special delivery!

The kids could not wait to open it!!!

Here's what was inside....

We quickly lined up and put on our fiercest, "I'm coming to get you!" faces.

First stop was the library and we found this gingerbread man but alas it was not the right one!

Could he be in this book?

Mrs. Blaustein wasn't there but Mr. Mike did find a note left behind....

So, we headed to the office and found Mrs. Sah.  She didn't catch him but she did find a note on her desk...

The kids RAN right into Mr. Martin's office.  He couldn't stop him either.  He did leave behind another note....

The kitchen smelled delicious but there was no sign of the Gingerbread Man!

He did leave another note.  We walked (very, very fast) back to our classroom....

There he is!!!

We love our Gingerbread Man!!


To eat or not to eat????!!!  See below....




So ends the tale of our Gingerbread Man!

All Aboard The Polar Express!!

We celebrated the classic book The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg earlier this month!  We compared and contrasted the book with the movie.  Wearing jammies to school was so much fun!

The train is set and ready to board!

We made a retelling train for the story.

Love the slippers!

We enjoyed hot chocolate with candy cane stirrers upon our return from the North Pole.