Monday, March 21, 2016

A Hunting We Will Go!!!

A little leprechaun was hanging around our classroom during St. Patrick's Day week. He sent a note saying he'd give us his pot of gold if we could catch him. We really tried! Take a peek at the pictures and see what happened!!

Here we come!  Ready or not leprechaun!!

We stopped in the office first on our way to Mr. Martin's office.

Mr. Martin was off chasing the leprechaun but we did find another clue.  It sent us to....

....the library!

Another clue which sent us to....

....the kitchen!  We thought for sure he'd be there.  However, he said we'd find him back in the classroom!

Oh my!!!

What havoc he caused!  

And left lots of gold dust behind!!

The kids couldn't believe what happened!

Then over in the corner we found this!

An open window, some gold chocolate coins and another note!!  And more gold dust!

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