Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can......

....did we catch the Gingerbread Man???

On December 4th, a package arrived from the office marked 
"To the Kindergartners, From the Gingerbread Man! Catch me if you can!"
This started a hunt around the school in search of him (A very excited, noisy hunt I must say!).  He left some clues and we followed the sweet cinnamon-smelling trail.The kids were overjoyed and extremely'll see that in the pictures below!

Mrs. D delivered us this.....

The kids could not wait to open it!

It was gingerbread friends cookies and a note!  The chase was on!
 The fierce hunters!

 We found this guy in the library...not our man!

 The office is a busy place!  Another note was found but no Gingerbread Man!  We were then sent to the principal's office!

 No Mr. Martin and no Gingerbread Man!

A trail in the lunchline! 

 Another note was sending us back to room 12....OUR ROOM!!

 Love this picture!!

There he is!!

 We love our Gingerbread Man!!

To eat or not to eat???



So ends the tale of our Gingerbread Man!!!

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