Friday, March 23, 2018

Hello! It's been awhile!

Howdy Parents!!
These months are racing by and I had sooooo many pictures to share with you!  I hope you have a blast looking at all of them.  Today, I sent home information about our completed Padlet project featuring the use of Buncee.  It's really awesome.  The kids worked very hard to complete their slides and type their sentences.  Just in case you misplaced the paper, please visit:
The picture below is a sneak peek!!!.......

Add It Up!!

This week we completed our unit on addition.  It's one of my favs.  On Monday, the kids made "live" addition problems using any materials they wanted.  Then they walked around and solved each one. It was soooooo much fun!!!  Here they are....can you solve them??

That was soooo fun....said the kindergartners!

Did we catch the little green man?

A little leprechaun was hanging around our classroom during St. Patrick's Day week. He sent a note saying he'd give us his pot of gold if we could catch him. We really tried! Take a peek at the pictures and see what happened!!

Mrs. Sah found this in the mail!

We are coming to get you leprechaun!

First stop was Dr. Martin's Dr. Martin and no leprechaun!  Maybe he was chasing him!!??

The library!!

No leprechaun but another note!....

.....which led us to the kitchen!  Is this him?

They say no!

Mrs. Kipling found a note that said we'd find him in our room!!!!  He apparently wrecked havoc....
OH MY!!!!!!!!!


The window was dust and chocolate coins were everywhere!