Sunday, October 14, 2018

Our Trip to Boyert's Farm

Howdy Y'all!
We had so much fun at the farm on Thursday!  We really lucked out with a crisp, cool fall day! Click on the "Photos" tab at the top of the page to see all of the pictures from our trip.  There are lots!!!

I LOVE, LOVE this picture of us!!

Meet our Sharecrow!

The kindergartners created a "sharecrow" on Tuesday, October 9th to provide food for the birds and other wildlife during the chilly winter months.  His name is Bob and he resides in the front of our school. The kids created cereal necklaces and added other snacks to the sharecrow (seeds, cranberries, gourds, raisins and corn).  We'll keep restocking him in the upcoming months. Click on the Photos tab at the top to see more pictures....

The Next Twenty!

We welcomed FALL with lots of fun and learning these last few weeks.  Enjoy the pictures!

Making fall leaves on sandpaper!  The kids loved coloring on it
because it was a neat texture and the colors are very vibrant!

Science Discovery Zone #1

Making slime!

We learned how to use Google Classroom!  Today we were working on word work.

Apple Fun Day!

The kids LOVED the story about the little red house with no doors and no windows and a star on the inside!

We tasted green, red and yellow apples.

Which apple was our favorite?

Read to Self (part of Daily 5)

Another technology we learned was Raz Kids.  Each child has a book shelf in Raz Kids with books at his/her
independent reading level.  It's a great program!

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