Sunday, November 11, 2018


On October 18th ALL of the kindergartners strutted across the red runway in celebration of the alphabet.  This was our very first Alphabet Fashion Show at Hilton and it was definitely a success.  I found it especially successful when we got 80ish kids lined up in order!!  Thank you parents for helping your child with an ensemble!  They looked ADORABLE.

Here is the link to view the video that Mrs. Blaustein created:

Letter Aa

Letter Bb

Letter Ee

Letter Gg

Letter Ii

Letter Jj

Letter Kk

Letter Ll

Letter Mm

Letter Nn

Letter Oo

Letter Pp

Letter Qq

Letter Rr

Letter Ss

Letter Tt

Letter Uu

Letter Vv

Letter Ww

Letter Xx

Letter Yy

Letter Zz

I love the L and P hairdos! 

In line and waiting.....

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