Thursday, December 20, 2018

Merry Merry!

It's almost time to celebrate Christmas!  It's been so much fun watching the excitement build in your child this month.  We had so many fun days that hopefully created a lasting memory for him/her (and you). I cannot wait to hear all about the holidays when we return to school in January.

This is the link to the book Naughty or Nice that we watched at Cookies and Milk last week.

Finally, I posted many pictures today from past events.  I got a bit behind but hopefully seeing all of them will be worth the wait.  So, scroll down and you'll see all of them.

P.S.  I almost forgot the cutest ornaments (from the slideshow you saw at Cookies and Milk).........
I couldn't post that here as the file isn't supported by Blogger so please check your email.

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